Surge Arresters

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  • Longlif-NF Surge Arresters [LFNF-100] ()
    Designed & manufactured using proprietary
    ceramic rare-earth technology. Effective as bulb-life
    extenders. Protect bulbs, lamps and other electronic
    devices against switch-on surges and thereby
    extend life upto 10 times original life, as certified by
    REC through lab tests at IIT Delhi. This version can
    handle continous load of 100 Watts @ 270 Volts AC
    Peak and surge upto 150 Watts @ 250 Volts Peak.
    Can be used with delicate elctronic equipment
    connected to mains utility supplies that are prone to
    failure, due to line voltage surges. ##(*)
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  • Longlif-NF Surge Arresters [LFNF-150] ()
    As above but rated at 150 Watts. This version can handle
    coninuous load of 150 Watts @ 270 Volts AC Peak and
    surge upto 200 Watts @ 250 Volts AC Peak. ##(*)
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